Sleep Good. Do Good.

When we met, Marten Dresen already had a great brand built on a solid strategy and hotels in London and Antigua. But, guests didn’t know what the hotels did to be "good" or what they existed to achieve, which meant it was not reaching its full potential as a force of good.

Good Hotel, Guatemala City - photo Agustin Fallas

The brief

Marten, his sister and a friend had set up a charity that built and ran three schools in Guatemala. And they created Good Hotel to generate revenue to maintain the school’s funding. But, due to the complex nature of the social impact message, guests were unaware of the difference they were making by staying there.

At the core of the idea is Marten’s belief that putting profits before people is bad and, instead, profits should empower people. He had created Good Group as a social business that reinvests their profits made from Good Hotel in The Good Global Foundation – a charity that sends 700 children to school and gets long-term unemployed locals into training and then into jobs in hospitality.

In addition, the hotels were disused buildings which were sensitively given new life to avoid the impact of construction. And sourcing was done ethically and responsibly. Service within the hotels had reached a high level. But, messaging was confusing and guests didn’t know what earned the brand the name Good.

Simplification of messaging and clarity of purpose was required for the brand to reach its full potential and support Marten’s vision and mission. We had to let guests know what positive impact their stay had on the world.

Good Hotel, London - photo Chris Baker

The strategy

The strategy was to take all the good stuff they do and make it really simple. We created the Sleep Good. Do Good strategy. The simple idea that by sleeping at the good hotel you are doing good. Because for everything that you stay at good you send a child to school for one week.

This simple financial positioning made guests see their tangible impact on people’s lives by choosing to stay. Every hotel experience, from the art in the rooms and the public spaces to the worry dolls on pillows at night, told them a story about the positive impact of the money you spend. By telling the story in many engaging ways, it could be better understood and embraced.

Good Hotel, Antigua - photo Agustin Fallas

We delivered

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“Katie gets hospitality. She is smart, strategic, never lost for words. Most importantly she's a character and always makes me smile.”— Marten Dresen, Founder and CEO of Good Group

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