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We are a brand strategy and experience consultancy. Experts in hotels. We collaborate with owners and operators to create category-defining concepts, reimagine tired brands, define unique and memorable guest experiences, and build empowering team cultures.

People-powered hotels.

We always start with people. The teams, the local communities and the future guests. We ask what they care about. We use their passion to create hotels that care about the same things they do. Hotels that use purpose and values to drive how they operate and the service they deliver. Hotels that have a positive impact. Hotels that people love, recommend and keep coming back to.

Some of our work.

Hotel Hussy was created in 2016 by Katie Brinsmead-Stockham. Her unique style of strategy comes from her diverse background spanning psychology, branding, advertising and hospitality in Europe, South East Asia and America.

From her degree in psychology she understands people and the nuances of human behaviour. She knows how to build brands that guests love. Her decade as a brand and marketing strategist across WPP on global brands like P&G and Virgin Atlantic developed her ability to craft and deliver award winning marketing strategies at scale. And as Brand and Marketing Director at Ennismore, owner and operator of The Hoxton, she fell in love with hospitality and learnt how it works. She knows how it operates, the principles of meaningful service and how to foster healthy team cultures.

This rare combination is Katie’s difference. Understanding all angles and having her finger firmly on the cultural pulse, she gives her clients the edge on shaping the future of hospitality.

“Katie is refreshingly provocative in the field of hotel branding, which is often dominated by semantics & wordsmiths. She is quick to embrace the company culture and relentlessly focused on the customer. She has the unique ability to stimulate the team to own the outcome and therefore the brand promise gets delivered with passion and precision.”— Paul Jones, CEO - The Lux Collective