A place to live, not just to stay.

room2 already had a small hotel in a townhouse in Hammersmith. It had rooms, a garden and a shared kitchen. They were about to grow by opening a 70 room hotel in Southampton, so they needed to articulate their offering and define their guest journey.

The brief

The affordable category was growing fast but becoming more uniform – it is dominated by big chains, where value is the key message. Mid-tier brands were delivering design, but it’s was becoming ubiquitous. The question was, how do we create something distinctive to create an advantage?

The strategy

The brand strategy was simple – don’t play in the hotel category. Instead, we created a new category, a space between Airbnb and hotels. Take all the comforts and flexibility of your home, plus the best bits of a hotel, and you get the world’s first Hometel. Forget fixed check-out times, room service that arrives an hour late, over-priced minibars, and missing the last breakfast sitting. This is your room2 do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Now in Southampton, Chiswick and Belfast this is hybrid hotel, residential brand is growing fast.

We delivered

Brand strategy | Brand and operational guest journey | Service Standards |
Staff behaviours and initiatives | Brand handbook | Workshop facilitation

“Katie brought to our brand strategy a new dimension of creativity and passion, which both excited and inspired us. She is not only very aware of higher-level trends and strategic market positioning but also the very small details that make a difference along a customer journey. The deliverables and outputs of our time with Katie are material, and it has laid a solid foundation to expand from.”— Robert Godwin