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Why would you travel to the other side of the world to spend 14 days lying on your back, cocktail in hand, never leaving the gates of the resort? SALT was created to inspire guests to get out there, explore and get to know the locals.

Mauritius - photo Paul Choy

The brief

To create a new concept for The Lux Collective that would appeal to a different audience to their resort guest and allow them to open in different markets, with lower capital and operational costs.

Salt of Palmar, Mauritius - photo Tekla Evelina Severin

The strategy

The travel press has wrongly presented too many places in the world. We wanted to turn perceptions on their head and celebrate the undiscovered beauty of unexpected travel destinations. So, we created SALT – a hotel brand that connects modern explorers with meaningful travel experiences. They are beautiful bases to explore from. Places that give guests the tools to explore with, like bikes, electric cars, guidebooks and the chance to connect with local people along the way. And, because we know that when people love a place, they don’t want to damage it, SALT opened as the first sustainable hotel in Mauritius. There are no single-use plastics anywhere onsite. Zero food is wasted as all excess food goes to food banks or it’s composted. We grow what we can on our farm and source the rest locally. And 100% of the team is Mauritian.

Brand design and photo - &Smith

We delivered

Concept creation | Brand strategy | Naming | Guest experience mapping | Operational implementation of brand | Team behaviours and training | Board and investor presentations | Ongoing strategic relationship

Salt of Palmar, Mauritius - photo Tekla Evelina Severin
“Salt of Palmar, Mauritius – is this the coolest hotel in the Indian Ocean?”— The Telegraph

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